Instructions for use of exhibitions

Welcome to the instructions for the virtual exhibition tour

Once you have received the ticket for the exhibition you have purchased in your e-mail, you can log in to the exhibition by entering the ticket number in the field on the homepage and clicking on the “CONTINUE TO THE EXHIBITION” button.

With one ticket of the exhibition you can log in to the exhibition twice, after which the code is no longer valid.

At the top of the exhibition is the exhibition's own entrance code, which you can enter in the field to enter the virtual exhibition.

You can move around the show by left-clicking on the balls on the ground and holding down the key. By moving the mouse, you can see the surrounding environment.

When using a mobile device, the movement is the same. To view the surrounding environment, slide your finger on the screen.

The key below gives you a “dollhouse” view of the exhibition area, where you can see the entire exhibition space and rotate it.

The virtual exhibition has various information points that you can view on a computer by hovering the mouse over the point. This opens a text, image, video or link to another page where you can find more information about the destination. When using a mobile device, the content opens with a finger click.

The colors of the information points indicate the content:

Blue color: Finnish text content

yellow color: Swedish text content

Red color: English text content

Light green color: Picture

Dark green color: Text read

Light gray: Video or video link to an external service.

You can report problem situations to by e-mail. We will reply as soon as possible.


What if the connection is lost from the machine? How do I get to the show again?

Answer: You can access the virtual show in the same way as you log in for the first time. Note, however, that the ticket code is only valid twice.

Not all information points open content?

Answer: Sometimes, if you open the content of info points many times, the browser cache may be full, and the content of the info point may no longer open correctly. The solution to this is to refresh the browser for the show session.